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Chris Burnett, R.N.

Chris started working with Meditech in 1990, coordinating the Lab/OE module of a general install at an 80 bed hospital and since that time has worked in all of the Meditech platforms, Magic, Client Server and 6.x, with 11 years as a traveling implementation consultant specializing in CPOE and all of the Advanced Clinicals.
For the last three years Chris has worked at a 150 bed facility directing its transition from an all paper system to full CPOE and electronic documentation from admission to discharge to archiving in a seamless implementation.
These results would not have been possible without the adoption of Patient Keeper as the clinical results, CPOE and physician documentation solution. Physician satisfaction and physician adoption of Patient Keeper have been the drivers of the whole drive to meet Meaningful Use.
Chris wishes to share these implementation lessons learned with the Meditech/Patient Keeper community.